Your Workshop

So {Jesus} bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them. (Luke 4:39).

What do we do with our life Jesus heals, rescues and redeems?


An estate sale was held at 1347 21st Ave today. A few blocks from my house I went over just to check it out. To see the artifacts of a life time of a married couple’s life together.

The husband had an incredible workshop in the back. A lot of the machinery and tools had already been removed, but you could see it was a place of intense skill and workmanship. He built cabinets and other pieces of furniture. I wonder where those pieces are today. I imagine his family cherishes the items he built as mementos which manifest the love and dedication of this man.

What other legacy did this husband and wife leave beyond pieces of wood furniture, pottery, and potted plants? Were the only things that were left items sold for cents on the dollar at an estate sale?

Inside the house I found numerous books. They were well read. Not only that, bookshelves had numerous bibles and bible commentaries. Some I will go back tomorrow to buy. Just as much as the lathes and hammers were used for building furniture, I have to imagine these tools they used for building up their faith; built their faith that they shared and expressed with others.

In Luke 4, we hear Peter’s mom-in-law was sick. Jesus came into their home and healed her. Her response was to get up and serve everyone. Her serving everyone was a response to the healing of Jesus. Her serving was an expression of her joy and gratitude.

How are you responding to the healing and redemption of Jesus by the work you do in your life? How are you getting up off your sin sick bed to serve others in the joy of Christ?

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