Angry At Grace?


“to Jonah this seemed very wrong, and he became angry.” (Jonah 4:1)

When the LORD saw the people of Ninevah repent and how they turned from their evil ways, the LORD relented from his wrath.

Jonah is angry. So angry. He thinks it is “very wrong” the LORD forgave the Nineveh foreigners, these enemies, these unbelievers.

“I knew!” I knew You Lord are gracious and compassionate. I knew You are slow to anger and overflowing with never ending love!  Jonah’s response to a loving and compassionate God: “So just kill me!”

God sends a tree to shade Jonah that a worm eats. Again Jonah just wanted to die.

The LORD responds, “Should I not have concern for people who do not know their right from the left?”  Should I not have compassion for a world that is out of tune?

I really hope I am not a Jonah. That I am only concerned about my salvation and don’t give a damn about those who caught up in  the chaos of this world?

  • How do the wayward perceive self-righteous “Christians” who do not share the compassion of the Lord?
  • How do those whose lives are turned upside down feel about so-called messengers, prophets, who care more about the roof shading their bowed religious heads?

No wonder those who don’t know their right from their left don’t want to gather with those who don’t know God’s compassion from their wrath.

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