Voice of Experts?

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

As a Roman soldier takes Paul back to Rome, they board a ship that is making slow progress with the wind going against them. Rather than listen to the traveling teacher Paul and to the voice of Prayer, to the voice of God, they listened to the experienced seafaring experts. They listened to the voice of man.

Rather than heed a warning and stay put, they sailed on. Thinking a wind was an opportunity to get where they wanted they sailed into hurricane winds. Caught by the wind the ship was out of their control and they were driven by the storm. Even their plans B, C, and D to save themselves did not work. They were adrift.

Again Paul shares the voice of God; “Be encouraged.” We are going to be dashed against the rocks and shipwrecked, but . . . But God is going to save us. “Have faith.”

Too often we trust the expert advise of this world.

Too often we rely on our own efforts to avoid the shipwreck.

Do we trust the voice of God? Do we rely on the practice of prayer to seek God’s counsel? Will we have faith that when all our plans and efforts get dashed against the rocks that the LORD will save us? Have faith! Keep up your courage because the LORD has something in store for you.

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