Finger Flicking From God

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(Luke 11:20)

We are so sophisticated these days. We are scientific and educated. Getting brighter and brighter.  So we scratch our befuddled heads when horrible crimes are committed in our society, like the shooting at the synagogue.

Jesus says that we are in a struggle against the demonic which seeks to pilfer, disable and destroy us. In Luke 11 he casts out the demon that stole a man’s voice and kept him from praising God. Still, they want a sign that God is acting?!

Some in the crowd accuse Jesus of acting as a minion of Satan, but Jesus says his driving out demons is a sign the kingdom of God is coming upon us. And for God demon hurling  is less than a flick of his finger indicating there’s more power where that came from. The same power that defeats demons will overcome the grave.

As Lutherans we tend not to talk much about spiritual warfare, yet the Lutheran fight song, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” is all about the spiritual battle.

Jesus warns us against assuming we can tidy up our spiritual life on our own. He says the demon may leave for a season, but unless the LORD occupies our life it will only come back with more wickedness to infest our well-ordered lives.

Which is why we pray “hallowed be thy name.”  We are praying that the LORD would take up holy residence in us. We are praying Jesus would dwell in us so we will be united with Christ.

Are you praying for Christ to cast out the wickedness in your life?

What are you doing in your daily life to dwell with Christ?

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