Jonah Signs

“This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” (Luke11:29).

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Even when the Lord is talking to us sternly he can’t help himself from speaking grace.

What do I mean?

Jonah was a sign to a wicked and sin-filled community of Ninevah. The reluctant prophet walked three days spreading a message of doom and repentance. A sign they heeded. Why would they respond to a message telling them they were lost in sin and would be destroyed by that sin unless they turned?  They did paid attention to the message to turn from their sins. They got busying reflecting on what kind of lives they lived – and all they had was a message calling them to repentance.

Jesus says he himself is a Jonah sign to this generation. Jesus is also calling us to repentance. Jesus is also talking with us sternly to consider our lives to see we are dead where we stand in our sins.

But he says there is now something greater here.  He says the people of Ninevah will mock us if we can’t see there is something greater than Jonah preaching here.

The other sign of Jonah is that he was in the whale for three days. Now Jesus the Christ is the Jonah sign that will die and be buried and on the third day be raised. Jesus is the Jonah sign that He is the resurrection, Where Jonah preached repentance so we turn from sin, Jesus preaches the Resurrection where we will go from death to life.

Even when our Lord is talking to us sternly he can’t help himself from slipping in His eternal promises.

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