Recently we were shopping in a town center in DFW when we passed a store front selling Tesla automobiles. While Debra is interested in Teslas, I am not. First, the dashboard has no gauges. No needle to watch the RPMs rev up! Everything is computerized. Under the hood is a “frunk” with a storage space because the engine is under the car. With no combustion engine the car does not go vroom-vroom. Though it looks and acts like a car, it still very different.

And I realize how beholden I am to certain automobile concepts and thinking. Tesla and electric cars are disrupting what we are accustomed to.

Jesus Christ was the ultimate disruption in human history who conquered sin, death and evil. Even for us as Christians, Jesus disrupts to what we are accustomed.

Jesus says we can’t put new wine in into old wineskins. The new wine will burst the old wineskin and the new wine will be spilled and destroyed (Mark 2:22). Are we ready for new wine? Are we ready for to live in a new way?

At the wedding in Cana Jesus produced from ordinary water not only wine, but the best wine (John 2:10). Do you still suck down the vinegar wine of this life?  Or, are you ready for the best wine of the life of Christ? Sometimes we would rather keep clinging to the old patterns of life, clinging to what we are accustomed.

Since we are saved through grace to new life, eternal life, in Jesus Christ, should we continue to sin and keep running the old life (Rom 6:1)?  Christ has disrupted your life when you were baptized. Your old wineskin, your old life was made obsolete. As your old way of living was disrupted and put to death in your baptism, why for your own sake would you want stay stuck in the obsolete pattern? Why keep sucking down the old vinegar wine? Why keep driving a relic?

Do you believe God can transform your ordinary life into the New Life in Christ? Will you let God disrupt your customary life?

By the amazing glorious power of the LORD Almighty you are raised to newness of life in Christ. In baptism your life is disrupted into a freedom from old assumptions. Will you rest your life on God’s power (1 Cor 2:5)?  How can you let the Spirit disrupt you into New Life?

Out of his glorious riches, may the Father strengthen you with power in your inner being through the Spirit so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.(Eph 3:16-17)

Your servant in the Gospel, Pastor Douglas

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