Timing Joy


  • Are all the Christmas feast leftovers eaten up?
  • Are all the sweets consumed?
  • Did all the returns get returned?

The holidays have wound down. Maybe you are using this time to veg out and regroup before the schedule kicks in again.

Making the journey across from Persia to Judea was the three wise men and their entourage. The wise men gave gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh. Gifts worthy of the King of kings. Most of all they gave the gift of their time. They took the time to trek across the region to visit with the newborn king. They employed their time to be in the presence of the Christ child.

I want to encourage you to take this Sunday to restart your journey of faith.

Take time to restart your spiritual schedule. Don’t let yourself just be swept up in the busyness of everyday task.

Join the wisemen in giving your gift of worship to the newborn king, the redeemer of your soul.

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