Faith In The Midst Of Fear

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We are all aware of the concern and fear surrounding the CoronaVirus. This Sunday, Kent Reimer, a physician assistant, will address this medical issue at each service.

We live in a society with very good health. While people contract illnesses and get sick with cancer, overall we enjoy a high standard of health. So when a pandemic like this strikes we are apprehensive. In our very interconnected global community various governments, businesses and other organizations are taking extreme action to limit the spread of the CoronaVirus.

But how shall we respond as a community of faith?

Christ’s bride the church has faced far severe tests and threats than this illness. The church has endured through plagues and pandemics, through economic depressions and riots, through war and persecution. The message of the Revelation even is that the Church is called to continue to witness to it’s trust in God even when it is beleaguered and harassed.

Not Meet? I know some congregations are not meeting. I am sorry to hear this. I recognize that large congregations may need to find different ways of worshipping together, but the vast majority (80%)of congregations average less than 250 in worship. We are missing something when let fear of our own biology drive us apart.

Koinonia: The Christian faith is not an individualistic endeavor. Christ himself teaches us that we are a community, a body in Christ. Whereas some religions and philosophies encourage isolation, the very name of the Church in the bible is Community (Koinonia).  By our gathering together we give witness to our hope in the light of God in spite of the darkness in the world.

I commend the following:

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Dan Selbo, North American Lutheran Church.

C.S. Lewis on the Coronavirus

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