When We Are Feeling Desperate? (Mark 5:21-43)


What do we do when we are feeling desperate? Do you continue just to put your head down and soldier on?

In Mark 5:21-43 we meet two people at the end of their resources. A father whose daughter is so sick she is dying. He has done all he can. He has prayed. He is desperate.

Even though it is ignoble or embarrassing he throws himself at Jesus’ feet. HE’s done pretending it is gonna get better. He begs. He pleads. “Please come.” Please come and put your hands upon my dying daughter.” “Please come so she will be healed and live.”

Will you beg and plead for Jesus. Will put yourself at his feet and ask for his healing? We are surrounded by the fear of death right now. Will you ask in prayer, on your knees?

As they make their way to the house where the daughter in dying, a desperate woman reaches out to touch Jesus’ cloak. All around people are pressing on Jesus out of curiosity and novelty. She reaches to him in desperation for healing. She has spent all she has to restore her health. She is literally and slowly bleeding to death.

Jesus knows who reaches out to him in desperation. “Who touched me?”  Jesus knows who has given up on working it out themselves and reaches with a desperate faith. Desperate to trust God’s power even when we are filled with fear and doubt.

Just as Jesus had power to heal the desperate woman, just as he has power to raise the dying girl, Jesus Christ, your friend and Savior has power to work in your life – right now. He has power to free you from your suffering (v.34).

When fear and death appear to have won the day, when everyone has given up hope and abandoned themselves to despair, Jesus says to you, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (v.36)

Believe what?!!? Believe what in the midst of the crying and wailing that we see on the TV and amongst our facebook friends? Believe what in the midst of the crying and waling as people search for toilet paper and stock up on ammo?

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.”  Believe in Christ alone. Believe in the one and only Son of God who gave himself as a ransom for a world sick with sin. Believe beyond your fear, beyond your doubts. Cling to your desperate trust in God like that woman that grabbed the cloak.

Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Pastor Douglas

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