I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; 
     turn your ear to me and hear my prayer. 
Show me the wonders of your great love, 
     you who save by your right hand 
     those who take refuge in you from their foes. 
Keep me as the apple of your eye; 
     hide me in the shadow of your wings 
from the wicked who are out to destroy me, 
     from my mortal enemies who surround me.     (Psalm 17:6–9).

We pray for the Lord’s protection in the Lord’s Prayer: “Deliver me from evil.” We can often take God’s protection for granted.

In Acts 27-28, Paul and his band of missionaries go through a hurricane-like storm, get shipwrecked, and he gets bit by a snake, yet the LORD protects them.

Catastrophes should have over taken me so many times. I know the Lord protects me from my own stupidity and naivety. But even more I know the LORD is protecting me from my mortal enemy who seeks to destroy me and who is coming at me all the time. The devil is like a lion prowling around waiting to devour me.

Yes, I have down times. Yes, I have slip ups. Yes, I have bad things happen to me. But the truth that I continue to have hope, love and forgiveness in my heart all point to how the Lord is shielding me. The more I seek to dwell in His presence, the shadow of God’s wings, the more I would enjoy his protection. (Ps 36:7, Ps 57:1, Ps 63:7, PS 91:1, Isa 49:2)

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