BE GRATEFUL: (Mark 8:1-13)

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We have all seen the empty shelves. While some of this can be attributed to hoarding, much of it was whole communities going to their grocery stores at the same time and stocking up. Thankfully farmers are still farming and truckers are still trucking. We are so blessed in this country.

In Mark 8, crowds gathered. There was a worry there would not be enough. That people would go without. Jesus says, “I have compassion on these people.” (Mk 8:2)  Jesus is concerned they will be hungry; they will collapse. Jesus is concerned about their physical well-being.

Jesus then turns to the disciples and enlists their help. “How many loaves do you have?” (Mk 8:5)  Seven loaves is not a lot for a crowd of more than 4,000. A disciple might even be tempted to hide and hoard that loaf.

Jesus commands the crowd to stay in place. Then comes the worship. Jesus give thanks.  The beginning of abundance is always gratitude and thankfulness. To be thankful that the LORD is providing for us even when we may not see all that God has for us.

When we only focus on what we do not have, we are left with despair. The disciples only saw scarcity and could not imagine where they could get enough bread to feed every one.

When we focus on the LORD who is the source of our daily bread, we have hope. The LORD is faithful and does provide. The people had enough. When the meal began with the agreement to give thanks first, then everyone had enough to be satisfied.

SO I ask that during this CoronaVirus crisis to remember the poor, here and around the world. As always they will be effected disproportionately. Pray for the LORD to provide for them. Consider also how God is calling you to be a part of his miraculous provision. Consider how God might be calling you to participate in a miracle.

This was supposed to go out yesterday, but I did not click on all the right buttons. Sorry.

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